Development at Pinelands High

Indepen School CodeThe second decade of the 21st century presents Pinelands High School with many opportunities and some challenges. The imprint that this school continues to make on the South African societal and economic landscape will depend significantly on our commitment to invest in the future. Pinelands High is a fee-paying school, and most of our running costs are borne by the fees that our parents pay. This leaves little room in the budget for developing and extending the school's facilities and programmes.

We can be very proud of the achievements of Pinelands High. It is a wonderful example of a fully transformed South African school, intentionally guiding pupils to process issues of diversity and integration, as well as continuing to be successful academically, socio-culturally and on the sports field.

In order to pursue our commitment to being a world-class school, Pinelands High has an established fundraising programme in place. Certain projects have been identified as priorities in terms of the development of the school, namely:

  • The extension and development of facilities for the Creative Arts, to cater for the expanding needs of Art and Surface Design, Music and Drama.
  • The continuing project to upgrade all our science laboratories.

In addition we pursue funding for educational programmes:

  • Funding the extended mathematics programme
  • Growing our bursary fund to enable promising but financially challenged pupils with the opportunity of studying at PHS

Our fundraising strategy includes approaching companies, trusts and foundations, as well as our Alumni. We have experienced encouraging success over the past few years, receiving funding towards the realisation of several developments: three laboratory upgrades, a modern information centre (library), a mini Astroturf for hockey, netball and tennis, the equipping of a fitness gym, the resurfacing of our tennis courts, among several other successful projects (See the Projects Funded in 2015 Tab). We were also able to redevelop the courtyard adjacent to the Reeler Centre and install a coffee shop, thanks to the generosity of the PHS community. On the educational programmes front, we have been similarly favoured, with the renewal of sponsorship for our extended Mathematics programme by the Epoch and Optima Trusts, who have also supported our Learnership/Mentorship programme for aspirant teachers since 2013. In addition, PHS has been identified as a Dinaledi School, resulting in additional funding for Maths and Science. We are extremely grateful to all the Programmes, Trusts, Funds and Foundations for their vital support.

For friends, family and Alumni of Pinelands High, this decade presents many meaningful opportunities for making a profound difference to the prospects of a large number of young South Africans; helping to shape future leaders and contributors to our society. PHS is seeking to respond effectively to the diverse demands placed on all schools and recognises that this can only be achieved through the involvement of the wider community.

If you would like to consider, either now or in the future, leaving a legacy for future generations of Pinelanders (while at the same time securing a tax break), please contact us. This may be of particular interest to companies who wish to secure B-BEEE SED points, Pinelands High represents a very good opportunity as we are demographically more than 75% Black, according to B-BBEE criteria.

Sport Enthusiasts:

If you have marathons, mountains and adventure in your sights, would you consider linking your next sporting venture with raising funds for the school? Through our Given Gain site you are able to manage a fundraising campaign simply and easily and sponsors can contribute online, minimising the admin involved.  For further help, click on the link.

For more information regarding our fundraising projects, please contact the Development Director, Carol Franck, at