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Astro Update as at 12 June 2015

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Last week we:

  • Started digging the trenches for the team shelter
  • Prepared the surface bed for the slurry layer
  • Continued working on the Terraforce
  • Continued preparing the paved areas and curbs

This week we:

  • Created the steps onto the playing area
  • Laid the foundations for the team shelter
  • Prepared the holes for the fence poles
  • Started and are hoping to complete the slurry layer before the rain predicted for next week
  • Started working on the change rooms


Preparing for the paving.


Holes for fence poles.


The first strip of slurry.





Starting with the team shelter.


Slurry layer.

Astro Update as at 29 May 2015

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Stepping up to a new playing field.



Diverting the irrigation system.



Rain water drainage system.



Supports for spectator roof covering.


Astro Update: 22 May 2015

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Progress this week: 


Installing the mole barriers.



Preparing the surface for the slurry.



Getting ready to pour the bases for the lights.



Astro Update as at 13 May 2015

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Last week we:

  • completed the importing of material and compacting the base layer.
  • moved most of the heavy machinery off-site.
  • started with the subsoil drainage system.
  • completed the compaction and replanting of the berm.


This week we:

  • will finish off the subsoil system.
  • started to install the kerbs in preparation for the slurry layer which will seal off the surface.

 Construction on the mole barrier and retaining walls will also start soon.



The ground is broken! View this clip to see the progress. For further information on this exciting project, please refer to the PHS website www.phs.org.za  for details as well as for a convenient “Donate Now” button which enables overseas Alumni to donate online in the currency of their country of residence or contact the PHS Development Director at cfranck@phs.org.za.

The video features Austin Smith, Lauren Penny and Jade Hearne (all past pupils of Pinelands High School) commenting on the installation of the PHS hockey astro.

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