Music Fees for 2021

Music Fees Breakdown for 2020


Subject Music

Subject Music Gr 8 & 9 only                    R2,000 per annum

Subject Music 1st Instrument (Gr 10 – 12)       No Charge


Extra-curricular Music

Extra-curricular Music (Gr 8 – 11)           R6,400 per annum per instrument

Extra-curricular Music (Gr 12)                 R4,800 per annum per instrument


Additional Instrument

Subject Music (Gr 8 – 11)                        R5,200 per annum per instrument

Subject Music (Gr 12)                              R3,900 per annum per instrument


Other Charges

Instrument Hire (Gr 8 – 12)                      R2,800 per annum per instrument


Marimba (Grades 8 – 11)                        To be advised

(students selected after auditions)

Marimba Grade 12 only                          To be advised



  • Music fees are not included in the standard school fees.
  • Music fees are payable annually or monthly over 10 months.
  • 34 individual lessons are offered.
  • No discounts are offered on lump sum music payments.
  • Students will not be allowed to continue with extra-curricular music lessons if school fees and music fees are not up to date.
  • Students on financial assistance will not be allowed to take extra-curricular music lessons.

Clarinet and saxophone pupils must purchase their own reeds (available at the school shop). Oboe pupils can purchase their reeds from their teacher.