Visual Art

Claire_Fitzgerald_smallPupils can take Art as a subject from Grade 8, and then choose to study Visual Art or Surface Design from Grade 10 to Matric, as part of the FET. The work of our pupils is showcased at an annual Arts and Culture Evening during the third term. This is a well-attended evening of joyous celebration.

In Grade 8 and 9, pupils are involved in a mixed bag of exciting exercises that allow them to explore their creativity. We do basic exercises involving drawing, painting and making three-dimensional projects. They also do design work - designing and making a clay pot; and designing and making a textile product based on mud cloth, among others. There is also a component of theory, based on the History of Art and the History of Design. We try to expose our Grade 8 and 9 pupils to as many art forms as possible so as to empower them to make sound subject choices for Grade 10.

Pupils who choose to take Visual Art from Grade 10 will embark on a course that largely centres around developing their technical ability on two-dimensional works, such as drawing, painting and photography. We have had some pupils also exploring the possibility of film. In the past, some matric pupils have developed three-dimensional sculptural pieces for their final exhibition.