Surface Design

imagesCA1KPSB5Surface Design is one of the subjects pupils can choose to take from Grade 10 to Matric. The course is structured so that pupils learn to function responsibly in a creative environment. Pupils must be able to adapt to aesthetic and technological advances in order to understand the influence of cultural and social trends on design. Most projects focus on introducing pupils to what "green" design means, and what it entails to contribute to social and environmental issues through contemporary design.

Pupils are introduced to a range of different media, and practice various design methods, for example drawing, silk-screen printing, stencil design and printing, garment construction, and the designing of making of functional objects such as accessories or homeware. A large component of the course also includes learning about the business side of design. Pupils are expected to consider this knowledge within the design process.

The course is made up of both theory and practical components.

The highlight of the year is our annual Arts and Culture Evening during the third term. Pupils taking Surface Design are given the opportunity to model their creations and display the work that they have done during the year.