Vocational Guidance

Part of the school's counselling programme is devoted to vocational guidance for our pupils. This involves:

An annual Careers Evening - pupils in Grades 9 and 11 and their parents attend a Careers Evening, presented by professionals in a variety of industries. This gives our Grade 11s the opportunity to ask questions about careers in which they have an interest. For Grade 9s, the evening provides guidance in helping them choose their subjects for Grades 10 - 12. Various tertiary institutions are also invited to attend the Careers Evening.

Careers Guidance - the school counsellors are able to assist pupils with career guidance and subject choice for matric. We use a variety of aptitude tests to assist our pupils, and have many resources to help them decide not only on the career they wish to follow, but also on which tertiary institution will best suit their needs and abilities.

Life Orientation - our LO curriculum focuses on careers and the process of finding a job, particularly in the matric year.