ICT at Pinelands High


With two computer labs, a mini-computer lab in the Reeler Centre, a trolley with laptops, an Engineering and Design facility and wireless internet access in all classrooms, we are constantly working to increase the computer skills of our pupils, to prepare them for the world of work, and our staff, to enhance the teaching and learning that takes place in the school.

Grade 8 and 9 pupils have one lesson per cycle dedicated to developing IT skills as part of their Natural Science course. Grade 10-12 pupils have the option of taking Computer Applications and Technology (CAT) or Information Technology (IT).

Teachers are assisted in purchasing iPads for use in their classrooms, and in addition to several interactive white boards, many classrooms now boast an Apple TV. This has helped teachers to start using a ‘Flipped Classroom’ model of teaching. In addition to this, the school makes extensive use of Edmodo (http://pinelandshighschool.edmodo.com) to deliver content to pupils, and also has a dedicated YouTube channel (Pinelands High School).

As part of our strategic plan for IT, we are moving towards a 1-to-1 iPad environment, where pupils will eventually have digital textbooks, as well as having access to the incredible variety of learning and assessment resources the iPad facilitates.

To reduce our carbon footprint, and the amount of paper we use, as well as improve communication, the school makes extensive use of School Communicator and has implemented a new cloud based data management system that teachers and parents can access remotely.