Educational Support

Our job as a school is to offer a wide educational experience that allows each and every child to develop to his or her own best, in whatever area that may be.

Support for students at risk

Any student at risk academically is identified early, and effectively mentored by a teacher. We have a variety of diagnostic tools, which includes the assistance of a full-time academic counsellor. These pupils are assigned a dedicated member of staff to act as their academic mentor, and assist them in reaching their potential. Students are also encouraged to make us of various peer-mentoring initiatives.

Free extra maths

The school runs an extra maths programme from Mondays to Thursdays, either before or after school. This programme is designed to help students with their homework, to prepare for tests and exams, or simply for assistance with tricky concepts with the help of a qualified maths teacher.

Reading skills development

Good, efficient reading skills are essential for successful academic development. While children are taught specific reading skills in Grades 1 - 3, there is very little ongoing focus on reading after this. Some pupils struggle with comprehension, cannot track words effectively or struggle to refocus after looking up from a book. Often very intelligent children under-perform due to poor reading skills. Thus, we have introduced a reading skills programme to all our Grade 8s, and other students who require assistance in this area.

Advanced programme mathematics

We offer our top maths students access to the Advanced Programme Mathematics course, which exposes them to maths they would not ordinarily learn at school. This provides an excellent foundation for those students who plan to study maths at university level.

Lecture Series

Our senior academics participate in an annual lecture series, in which members of staff and the wider community present lectures in their area of academic study. This series highlights the school's teaching staff as academics in their own right, and promotes greater academic vigour among our most able students.

Inter-school competitions and Olympiads

Our top pupils are challenged by the school's participation in interschools' competitions and Olympiads. We participate in national Olympiads in Maths, English, Afrikaans and Computer Applications Technology.