Why PHS?

front_of_school_groupPinelands High School, established in 1952, is a co-ed state high school situated in the suburb of Pinelands, Cape Town. We have about 950 pupils at the school, and a staff complement of around 76 teachers and administration staff.

Our aim is to offer a broad educational experience that educates the whole child. Our educational offering includes a wide subject choice in the formal curriculum, as well as sport, music, drama and other extra-mural curricular activities. This means that there is a place for every pupil in our school to make a contribution and to shine. It also makes high school a busy and fun place to be!

We believe passionately in the development of the children in our care. Our primary focus is always on the child, and the need to assist the child to grow to his or her own potential. The young men and women who leave us at the end of Grade 12 are, in our opinion, confident young adults who can easily take up a place in South Africa, whether in a tertiary institution or in the world of work.

Academic excellence

While our core function is the pursuit of academic excellence, we pride ourselves on offering our pupils a well-rounded education, one in which each and every child is able to reach his or her own potential. We have one of the widest subject choices in the Western Cape, giving our pupils real scope for choosing subjects most suitable for their own aptitudes and interests.

Over the past few years, we can boast a 100% matric pass rate; and the vast majority of our pupils go on to further study at university, technikons or colleges.

Arts and Culture

There are many opportunities for our pupils to become involved in one or many of the cultural offerings at the school, in our music, drama and art departments.


The Pinelands High School Music Department is well-known in Cape Town for the excellence of its many bands and ensembles, which perform regularly for the general public, and compete in Eisteddfods each year. Music pupils can join the following:

  • Senior and Junior Wind Bands
  • Senior and Junior Marimba Bands
  • Jazz Band
  • Flute, string, sax, brass and recorder ensembles
  • Brass Band
  • Choir
  • Cabaret Group

The music department produces an annual Cabaret during the first term, and a Gala Music Concert in the third term.

Pupils can take music as a subject from Grade 8 through to Matric. We offer tuition in a number of instruments.


The school stages annual dramatic productions that have become known in Cape Town for a level of professionalism and excellence seldom seen in school productions. Pupils can become involved in all aspects of our productions, from acting to set construction, and from make-up to sound and lighting. Many of our pupils have continued their studies in drama once leaving the school, largely as a result of the exposure they enjoyed at Pinelands High.

Pupils can take Drama as a subject from Grade 8 through to Matric.


Pupils can take Art as a subject from Grade 8 to Matric, or Surface Design from Grade 10. Our pupils' work is showcased at an annual Arts and Culture Evening during the third term.



Playing sport is more than simply physical exercise. It also teaches children discipline and how to work as part of a team; and for many children, it is where friendships are forged. Sport is an extremely important part of school life at Pinelands High, and all Grade 8s and 9s are expected to take part in at least one summer and one winter sport.

Sports offered at the school include:

Summer (Terms 1 and 4) - Athletics, Basketball, Chess, Cricket, Indoor Hockey, Swimming, Tennis, Touch Rugby and Waterpolo

Winter (Terms 2 and 3) - Chess, Cross-Country, Golf, Hockey, Netball, Squash and Soccer

We have the following sports facilities:

  • An indoor sports facility for basketball, cricket, netball, soccer and hockey
  • A mini-astroturf for hockey practice, netball and tennis
  • Four hockey fields
  • Two soccer fields
  • Three cricket fields and cricket nets
  • Five tennis courts (two also used for netball)
  • A basketball court
  • A 25m swimming pool