Welcome from the Principal

Mr Dave Campbell

Welcome to our website which we hope will give you a sense of our school and the remarkable people who work and learn here. Pinelands High has a long history of being a happy school: the staff and students have a deep love for the school, and the school has a reputation for being engaged in its community, strongly focused on its young people, and prepared to be different.

The DNA of our school is captured in our three catchwords – Excellence, Leadership, Innovation. These words create an aspirational environment for all who teach and learn here, and encapsulate an approach which is student-centered and visionary.

A colleague on our staff recently said to me that our school is ‘a place of learning on so many levels’. It was a profound statement and it summed up the multi-faceted impact that the school has on the lives of so many people – staff, students and parents.

It is a privilege to lead an organisation which has noble ideals, a strong moral and ethical backbone, a stretching and nurturing academic and extra-mural environment, and a joie de vivre which is contagious.

Pinelands High School, like all good schools, is a place of hope where young people can imagine a future for themselves, and then make it a reality.

I hope that you enjoy what you find here.

Mr Dave Campbell