Rainbow Camps

P1010424The Rainbow Camp experience, which developed from the desire to create a vision of the new South Africa and our pupils' identities in a newly emerging democracy, is one of the highlights of the Grade 11 year.

We ran our first Rainbow Camp in 1999, and since then have run four camps a year for Grade 11s. Rainbow Camps deal with the issues of bias and prejudice, while encouraging pupils to look at who they are, and their place in contemporary South Africa. Each camp comprises a series of transformative workshops aimed at teaching our pupils the value of accelerating and participating in the country's process of integration, both at school and in their communities. Pupils spend time developing skills in tolerance and understanding, conflict resolution and peace building; and they spend time learning about new cultures, in order to overcome prejudice and build common ground.

The content of the Rainbow Camps is refined constantly, in line with changes and developments in the broader South African political and social environment.

Some comments from Grade 11 pupils after attending Rainbow Camp:

"On camp people end up sharing past life experiences with each other, which could change people's perspectives on them and the way they live their lives" Wesley

"This is the kind of camp that gives you new friends. This is the kind of camp that stays with you for the rest of your life, the kind of camp that can only make South Africa a better place." Keagan

"Coming back from Rainbow Camp, quite a lot has changed in terms of my behaviour. I find that I am far more sensitive to issues that I would have otherwise not thought much of, and I want to pass on the messages and the lessons that I learnt to all the people around me." Tshiamo

"I learnt to let go. I learnt to work in a team. I learnt to look deeper than the surface. I learnt that we should smile every day. I learnt that we shouldn't let the minor details in life bother us, because in the end, we determine our own happiness." Dannii