Cross-curricular Week

For a week in the third term, books are put away and a different type of learning takes place. Grade 8s remain at school, but are exposed to a number of fun modules, ranging from beaded jewellery to fabric painting, and from cooking to yoga. The highlights of the week include a session with the Drum Cafe and a visit from the Snake Man. The week ends with an outing to the ice-rink.

Grade 9s spend a week in service to others. All Grade 9s are placed in non-profit organisations such as creches, old age homes, hospitals and animal shelters. This valuable experience teaches our pupils about a world where others are happy with very little, and they learn about themselves and their capacity to serve others.

Our Grade 10s spend Cross-Curricular Week at a camp in Glencairn. This camp, which focuses on environmental issues, gives pupils the opportunity to learn about the environment while enjoying many fun activities.

The Grade 11s are given a taste of life after school, with a Job Shadow Week. All Grade 11s are required to find companies where they can shadow a person working in a career or profession that is of interest to them. This is a wonderful opportunity not only to gain a first-hand understanding of the working world, but it gives insight that can make or break a decision about a future career choice.

During Cross-Curricular Week, our Grade 12s write their mock matric exams.